The sacred Panini World Cup stickers come out this Thursday and here at TCD, sat and wondered what we could do over the course of the next few months, that’d be really fucking fun to do. We bring you ‘The Sticker Showdown’ (bloody inventive name, we know). Luke vs Robson. The first one to complete the book…wins (or whoever has the most teams completed by the final whistle in the final of the tournament). Simple.


10x packs a week

Swaps allowed (including with other people, must be noted)

Any more packs bought will lead to deductions of points from the final total

We will deliver weekly updates via the site, keeping score and typical updates in this kinda thing. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to see more regular updates and live reactions to packs and swaps.

Join in the fun and show us the packets you open and how your collections are going over the course of the process. Use the hashtag above and tag us, either on Twitter or Instagram.



*not affiliated with Panini, despite how much we would love it* 




You run home from school. Kick your Ben Sherman Wallabees off. You know he’s there. Waiting. Ready to unleash a 99 shot power rocket from one corner of the box to the opposite top corner of the net. No sign of coming down. Right. In. The. Net. You smile. Pull out the case & slip the disc into your PS2. It’s Adriano time. You nod firmly at him as you pick up your pad. Trevor Brooking’s voice booms through the TV – “PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER”. It’s time.

How bloody good was PES 6 – the OG Hipster’s choice of Football Game. Arguably PES 4/5 were just as good but they lacked peak, Adriano. Real arcade football. Pinball. Excitement. End to end. Zidane, Beckham, Inzaghi, Cannavaro & Co. Before we became too critical of Football Games (see modern day FIFA generation). Expectations were considerably lower. You settled for 90-degree dribbling. You settled for 3 skill moves. You ADORED Trevor Brooking. The squads were magnificent. PES 6 was another gift from those glorious Japanese. First Korea/Japan 2002. Now Winning Eleven.

It wasn’t just settling though. For every flaw with the gameplay, you were gifted something magnificent. For starters, you could jump into the PES Shop & purchase Juan Sebastian Veron & Freddy Adu (Blocked my mate on Twitter recently – if you’re reading Freddy you’re not welcome round our way). You could edit/create kits, badges, boots (YES BOOTS) & fan shirts. AMAZING. They even stored Adidas, Nike & Puma kit templates without the logos for your creative pleasure. Furthermore, you could literally draw up the Adidas logo in five minutes & throw it on your kit. Mega. (Or head into the black market of eBay & purchase a memory card which some shifty geezer had uploaded ALL licenced kits/badges/team names).

Master League. (Way better name than Career Mode). Pounds? Euros? Dollars? Nah, we’re willing to sell you Ballack but we want 15230 PES points. PES points were the original transfer currency. This Neymar transfer would’ve been way more exciting had PSG offered their sum in PES points, wouldn’t it? Exactly. You could even use your Master League side in Exhibition mode against your mates. Wonderful.

Team names. Slightly confusing. Especially as a younger self with very little geographical knowledge. Also somewhat disappointing that the Bundesliga (excluding Bayern Munich) was not available. That’s in hindsight though. I wasn’t screaming out at the age of 12 for Torsten Frings. The team names, however, do make great pub quiz conversation & actually, some of them are great. West Midlands Village, Pompy, Berkshire Blues, Lancashire Blues & Patagonia (Boca Juniors – how cool).

All perks aside. I really did fall in love with PES 6 for the gameplay. It was pure excitement. The sheer difficulty of scoring a volley from beyond the 18-yard box. The angled strike. The sound of the ball leaving each player’s boot. The slide tackle from behind in which the victim appeared to bend backwards way beyond your regular spine’s allowance. Diving headers. Pitch patterns. Player conditioning. The speed of the game. Konami advertising boards. The Galacticos. Opposite buttons to FIFA. Great stuff.

This was a game you could not master. No Ultimate Team nonsense. No “super players” who could literally beat you 8 nil every game. No online frustrations. Purely exciting, arcade football. A game as wonderful on your own as with your friends. PES 6, for all its “external” flaws to non-users, was THE ultimate football game.


In celebration of their long-term relationship, Nike has released this incredible film focusing on FC Barcelona and the city itself. The club is one of the most influential and respected characters in the world and has been a Swoosh partner since 1998.

The film features legend Andres Iniesta, new boy Phillipe Coutinho and FIFA Women’s Player of the Year, Lieke Martens. Directed by Oscar-winning cinematographer (Inception), Waffly Pfister, this is a beautiful production paying homage to such an iconic club.

Both on camera and off, the production of the film featured many Catalonians including BMXer Malcolm de Blas and skater Pedro Attenborough. The way the film is shot, with the grid style, is inspired by the cities architecture, which is something that Barcelona is famous for. The city is historically iconic in terms of art and architecture, and the film represents that.





Here at TCD, we’re all about lifestyle and culture. We love hearing stories from around the globe on football lifestyle and culture. We love seeing how people live football and how they embrace the culture. This is why we are launching this campaign, #FOOTBALLISPERMANENT, to hear your stories and to see your lifestyle.
A dedicated page has been launched on the blog, focusing on what you share.

Tag us in your photos on Instagram, Twitter, wherever and use the #FOOTBALLISPERMANENT to get featured and your story told.


The 10th of the month is slowly approaching and TensClub has a new release for us all. Inspired by Edgar Davids, the brand releases a crewneck and a pin badge.

A cool ‘oatmeal’ crewneck featuring their take on the Total90 logo, Total TC alongside a Total TC pin badge. They styled it with some icy Total90 Netherland’s gear and the result is sick.

The sweatshirt is available exclusively in the 3/10 Tens Club newsletter:


Nike have revealed a new version of the Mercurial 360, but this isn’t just an updated colourway. It is something cooler than that.

Celebrating 20 years of Mercurial, Nike decided to release a new version the boot: the Mercurial 360. This time, following the initial “What the Mercurial?” release in 2016 (which paid tribute to the aesthetics), they’ve turned the lights out and created these beautiful things exploring the materials dating back to 1998.

They created Mercurial to make players one thing: faster. The new design focuses on the Superfly 360 with a Flyknit base creating the WTM concept.

The 360’s yarns have the ability to be molded into a variety of shapes. Because of this, the designers were allowed to create a 2D graphic incorporating past designs and translate it into a 3D boot design. The process they go through of using a mold to heat and press the design into the 360 knit does not comprise touch. Confusing process, huh?

Just the 1998 pairs have been made, all coming in a specially designed box. 20 pairs will release on the 8th March at the NikeLab in Milan, the rest will be released on the 12 March. Get em at ProDirectSoccer.


Commercial giants, Pepsi, have released a new advert featuring some of the game’s biggest stars including Lionel Messi, Carli Lloyd, Toni Kroos and Marcelo. The stars come together for a kickabout in the streets, featuring paint filled balls.

Alongside this, they released a series of videos discussing each star’s favourite UEFA Champions League goals with the hashtag #LOVEITLIVEIT. Lionel Messi’s is below: