We have seen the worlds of football and skate collide in the past with one of the most recognisable brands in the world, Adidas, combining international football shirts and famous skateboarders. This amalgamation of these two cultures has brought us some wonderful things and this product is no exception. I reveal to you, the D10S deck from 45/90FC.

Featuring one the greatest footballer to play the game (but you already know that), the deck is a something you’d hang on the wall rather than shred the streets on. A beautiful addition to your living room or bedroom’s decor.

45/90 FC is a brand of creatives working hard on products from t-shirts to furniture to bring us pieces showing their passion for sports. They say, “Whether you are the pro athlete, race car driver, the motorcycle riders living the dream or whether you are the ex All-American player, the auto and motorcycle tinkerer or collector, the Mechanic, the part-time boxer to the well-versed analysts, historians and commentators of vintage sports still living and breathing your passion this is the place is for you!”

This isn’t the only time 45/90 FC have collided the skateboarding world with the football one. They have released a Pele version of the skateboard as well.

If you want to pick up one of these, then check out 45/90’s website here.


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