eBay is bloody brilliant and for fans of the game like us, delving into the wonders on the site gives us a shit tonne of excitement in our lives. Why? Because of the vast amount of random collectable stuff that no-one needs but everyone wants.

Everyone dreams of lifting the World Cup but 99% of us won’t do it. But what if I told you that you could do it? Well, here we are, me telling you there is a possibility of lifting a World Cup trophy. All you have to do is fork out £39.95, wait a few days and then you can live out your fantasy of lifting the Holy Grail without none of that “working hard to follow your dreams” shite.

This edition of The Collectables brings you a full-size World Cup trophy replica, an investment I urge you to follow. I’ve got one myself and it filled a gap in my life I didn’t know existed.

Check out the listing here.


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