Swedish side AIK based in the capital of Stockholm recently announced their new sponsorship deal with Nike, by releasing an eye-catching and rather exclusive pre-season kit. AIK has been sponsored by Adidas since 1988, and are now trying their luck with Nike. And it seems to be a match made in heaven.

AIK & Nike teased their fans on social media for weeks before dropping the kit, with cryptic videos and images of a blacked out team crest and captions such as ”Ett nytt år – en ny era” which translates to ”A new year – a new era”, and ”Det vi gör i år kommer att gå till historien”: ”Our actions this year will go down in history”.
Modest? Fuck no. Appropriate? Hell yes.

AIK is a sleeping giant in Scandinavian football, with overly presumptuous fans and players (even though they haven’t seen silverware since 2009). Expectations are huge every season, and the whole club is just basking in the most noxious of hubris. Kind of like a Swedish Hamburg.

Nike utilises the all-black kit to pay homage to the AIK team of 1901, a side that won the clubs second ever league title. The team of 1901 was also the one to debut the now standardized black kits for the club, in contrast to the previously sported white kits.

A mere 127 shirts were made, a homage to the 127 years of the clubs existence. The shirts were drawn to 127 lucky AIK fans in an email raffle – and it seems that they’ll never reach general sale. The club even told their players to hold tight to their jerseys and not give them to fans or family but keep your chin up! AIK will release a similar away jersey on Saturday7:45 GMT. Just check their Instagram for more info.

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