eBay is bloody brilliant and for fans of the game like us, delving into the wonders on the site gives us a shit tonne of excitement in our lives. Why? Because of the vast amount of random collectable stuff that no-one needs but everyone wants.

Board games are a wonderful thing. They bring families closer and more together during Christmas time and game nights. Or that was a load of lies and they cause mass arguments and, if it’s Monopoly, we spend the next few days finding little houses around the place following an outrage moment where the board was flipped across the room.

However, this isn’t a piece focusing on the playing of the board game but more of the board game itself. I bring to you, in this edition of ‘The Collectables’, a special edition 2006 World Cup Monopoly board. Each property featured is a country participating in the World Cu, with the ‘Chance’ cards being ‘Referee’ cards and ‘Community Chests’ becoming ‘Manager’ cards. Player figures become football related, with the one everyone wants to be being a golden boot. The houses are stands and the hotels are stadiums. A delightful acquisition for any hardcore football nerd who also loves a bit of Monopoly on the side.

There are many different versions of Monopoly relating to football, whether that be club versions or one focusing on world football stars but the coolest versions of the game come from the World Cup, 2006 and 1998 tournaments being the best of the bunch.

Buy your versions here.


*special thanks to Harry Smith for the photos*


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