Whether it is fashion, video games, or the actual game itself, football surrounds us daily. It is a part of our culture, our livelihood and we it for love that. But, there is one amazing way that the sport is able to infuse itself into to us. It is not by seeing, but by hearing.

Everyone can name their favourite songs from FIFA, their most beloved match day chant, or one of Shakira’s typical World Cup anthems. On the front, these songs speak the game but very few of them actually mention the sport in their lyrics.

In this series, we here at The Culture Division will highlight those lyrics that mention the beloved game.

Up first is East Ham, London native Grime artist Kano with his song titled, “T-Shirt Weather In the Manor.”

The lyric in question is uttered in verse one, he states:

 “Forward some summers, I’m racing the latest Merc out, it worked out, ‘Cept Everton’s not top, but we don’t talk about it”

In a heartfelt song that discusses family and friendship, Kano whips out a lyric poking fun at English Premier League side Everton.

It has been a rough decade for the Toffees as they have been lowly regarded as the second-best team in Liverpool – obviously behind the Reds. Everton has yet to make a Champions League appearance since their 2005-06 campaign that featured the likes of Mikel Arteta, Phil Neville, and Tim Cahill.

Kano has claimed in the past that he is a West Ham fan and that he is never been shy for a bit of friendly banter, especially with his family.

*All photos were taken by Jamie Drew*


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