There is no doubt that Nigeria will be rocking one of the best jerseys in the upcoming 2018 World Cup in Russia. The eclectic and tasteful design is both representative of the country’s culture and jaw-dropping to any lucky on-looker.

The slick green and white kit with vertical arrows ushers back a retro vibe all while remaining glossy, dazzling, and modern. The design strikes a resounding resemblance with the country’s 1996 Olympic kit (where they won Gold), which was later reported to be a source of inspiration.

In addition to all of the hype, there is one interesting fact about the kit launch that combines the worlds of music and football: the Creative Director of the project was Grace Ledoja, who is the current manager of British Grime MC Skepta. But, before Ledoja was receiving her MBE from the Queen or dropping brilliant jerseys in February alongside Nigerian singer Wizkid, her client Skepta was representing his homeland on the stage in December of 2017.

Right before the end-of-the-year holidays, Skepta was pictured in Lagos at a concert dawning a throwback Nigerian jersey, black A-COLD-WALL Joggers, and a pair of OFF-White x Nike Vapor Max sneakers.

The style appeared comfortable and sleek all while repping Nigeria. Although Skepta was born in the UK, the London native is still able to support his heritage through fashion and lyrics.

In his hit single “Hyporcrisy,” Skepta gives a shout out to his home saying:

“I’m a Nigerian eagle,
In London smoking illegal”

The combined lyric may not be the MC’s greatest word cluster but it helps offer home pride…all while having a little fun.


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