Nike have revealed a new version of the Mercurial 360, but this isn’t just an updated colourway. It is something cooler than that.

Celebrating 20 years of Mercurial, Nike decided to release a new version the boot: the Mercurial 360. This time, following the initial “What the Mercurial?” release in 2016 (which paid tribute to the aesthetics), they’ve turned the lights out and created these beautiful things exploring the materials dating back to 1998.

They created Mercurial to make players one thing: faster. The new design focuses on the Superfly 360 with a Flyknit base creating the WTM concept.

The 360’s yarns have the ability to be molded into a variety of shapes. Because of this, the designers were allowed to create a 2D graphic incorporating past designs and translate it into a 3D boot design. The process they go through of using a mold to heat and press the design into the 360 knit does not comprise touch. Confusing process, huh?

Just the 1998 pairs have been made, all coming in a specially designed box. 20 pairs will release on the 8th March at the NikeLab in Milan, the rest will be released on the 12 March. Get em at ProDirectSoccer.


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