Episode 1. The first instalment. The beginning of this gruelling but fulfilling enjoyment of spending all our money on little packs of stickers to collect and complete the Russia 2018 book. Fucking 80p for a pack now is ludicrous, by the way.

The excitement started from the minute of waking up on 22nd March. Not only was it sticker day, but the sun was shining and, in typical student fashion, we were heading out that night *insert David Brent GIF here*. A superb day for all included.

The Sticker Showdown got off to a flyer, albeit not for me. Robson gathered the World Cup trophy shiny in pack 1, whereas the best I got from the six packs was Andres Iniesta. And yes, I’m quite fond of Don Andres but, I imagine, by the end of the process, I will have swapped him for a random Saudi Arabian or South Korean player multiple of times. A host of players came our way, ones we knew and ones we didn’t but that did not matter; the fun we had was at large.

Of course, no team completions within the first week but some large movements in what can only be described as a long, upwards climb from here. Robson is currently leading due to me being weird and keeping an unopened pack for nostalgic purposes, but to be honest, I’m gonna buy a 7th this week to make up for it ‘cos I can.

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