Football is a beautiful thing. The game is played in every corner of the globe but not everyone has access to the most vital thing: a proper football. This is where PARK SSC come in.

Founded in 2015 by Sam Davy and Tara Montoneri, PARK SCC looks to help disadvantaged kids through the beautiful game. A project ran by the socially conscious brand, titled Pass-A-Ball, gets footballs to the kids’ feet that need them the most.

They set out, as a brand, to inspire kids to help other kids as well. This links well to the one-for-one ball process carried out by themselves. If you buy a football from PARK SCC, then they will give an identical one to a child in need. A ball can play a significant role in helping underprivileged communities and revitalise communities, uniting them around one game. Sam Davy (co-founder) said, in an interview with Frankie Magazine, that “our project helps disadvantaged kids receive the social, psychological and health benefits of playing soccer; helps the integration of new communities and cultures into a life in Australia; and educates advantaged kids about the imbalance of opportunity amongst their peers.”

PARK SCC supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the whole project is directed at four of the 17 that are set out to change the world by 2032. Their global goals include; no poverty, good health and well-being, gender equality and reduced inequalities. PARK has passed over 4500 balls to kids in need across 11 countries…and it’s growing. Helping disadvantaged kids, refugees, abandoned children alongside supporting equal rights for girls and at-risk youth, they partner with charities to support people across the globe. They provide support in countries from Uganda to England to Indonesia to Tanzania and more.

The embodiment of ‘one world, one game’. Support the process. Support PARK SCC. Support humanity.



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