A new collaboration between brand Art Of Football and designer Mark Johnson landed in our inbox and we loved it so we had to share it.

As big fans of the creative side of football, art like this are something that we instantly become interested in. Mark Johnson is a stupendous designer and he hasn’t failed to impress with this new project.

Johnson looked to incorporate classic kits with the typography from these famous shirts. Each version, whether it be the Newcastle one or the Holland one, encapsulates the history of the club through art and through their most iconic shirts. Not only has he honoured specific clubs but has focused on the two Ronaldos as well; CR7 and R9, two of the games finest. A wonderful collection paying tribute to some of the most epochal times from the beautiful game.











The whole collection features art on Liverpool, FC Barcelona, AS Roma, Nottingham Forest and more. The prints range from size A4 to size A2 canvas and the designs are now available on t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Get yours hereĀ and follow Mark Johnson on Instagram here.


Football and film have collided together over the years but only sometimes paying off and giving us something worth watching. However, around the world, there are annual film festivals showcasing some of the best film creations regarding football.

The focus of this post is the 2018 Yokohama Football Film Festival where Japanese brand, CityBoys FC, have designed the graphics for the festival and they are brilliant.

A piece of art featuring Roberto Baggio with his iconic haircut and fans holding up scarves, one of them holding a strip of film. A clever inclusion.

The film festival begins on the 11th February and will include films based on Juventus, Beitar Jerusalem FC and Celtic plus many more. The website is here.

Check out CityBoys FC here and look at their beautiful apparel and art.