In celebration of their long-term relationship, Nike has released this incredible film focusing on FC Barcelona and the city itself. The club is one of the most influential and respected characters in the world and has been a Swoosh partner since 1998.

The film features legend Andres Iniesta, new boy Phillipe Coutinho and FIFA Women’s Player of the Year, Lieke Martens. Directed by Oscar-winning cinematographer (Inception), Waffly Pfister, this is a beautiful production paying homage to such an iconic club.

Both on camera and off, the production of the film featured many Catalonians including BMXer Malcolm de Blas and skater Pedro Attenborough. The way the film is shot, with the grid style, is inspired by the cities architecture, which is something that Barcelona is famous for. The city is historically iconic in terms of art and architecture, and the film represents that.





A brand new episode of #DerbyDays is out and this time, Eli Mengem and Copa90 travel to Mallorca to see CD Atlético Baleares play RCD Mallorca Deportivo and it’s fucking good.

We for one can’t wait for more. Check out Eli and Copa90, and watch the previous episode here.


Football and film have collided together over the years but only sometimes paying off and giving us something worth watching. However, around the world, there are annual film festivals showcasing some of the best film creations regarding football.

The focus of this post is the 2018 Yokohama Football Film Festival where Japanese brand, CityBoys FC, have designed the graphics for the festival and they are brilliant.

A piece of art featuring Roberto Baggio with his iconic haircut and fans holding up scarves, one of them holding a strip of film. A clever inclusion.

The film festival begins on the 11th February and will include films based on Juventus, Beitar Jerusalem FC and Celtic plus many more. The website is here.

Check out CityBoys FC here and look at their beautiful apparel and art.