In celebration of their long-term relationship, Nike has released this incredible film focusing on FC Barcelona and the city itself. The club is one of the most influential and respected characters in the world and has been a Swoosh partner since 1998.

The film features legend Andres Iniesta, new boy Phillipe Coutinho and FIFA Women’s Player of the Year, Lieke Martens. Directed by Oscar-winning cinematographer (Inception), Waffly Pfister, this is a beautiful production paying homage to such an iconic club.

Both on camera and off, the production of the film featured many Catalonians including BMXer Malcolm de Blas and skater Pedro Attenborough. The way the film is shot, with the grid style, is inspired by the cities architecture, which is something that Barcelona is famous for. The city is historically iconic in terms of art and architecture, and the film represents that.




The new Nike F.C. 2015 Fall Collection

nike-f-c-2015-fall-collection-6 nike-f-c-2015-fall-collection-3

Inspired by grassroots football & lifestyle, Nike has linked up with Man City’s Raheem Sterling to showcase its Fall 2015 Nike F.C. collection. Marked by Nike F.C.’s take on clean footballing basics, the seasonal range includes everything from hoodies and trousers to graphic tees, jackets and an unveiling of the brand new Nike Free Hypervenom 2. As for the setting, the sleek black and white photography sees Sterling around London City as the iconic Wembley stadium looms large in the background. Arsenal & Palace legend striker Ian Wright also makes an appearance.nike-f-c-2015-fall-collection-8

Below is a closer look at the products themselves for the Nike F.C 2015 Fall Collection:

Nike FC Park Life Glory T-Shirt. Available in grey/black/white. $40.
Nike FC Park Life Glory T-Shirt. Available in grey/black/white. $40.
Nike FC Woven N98. Available in black/blue. $140.
Nike FC Woven N98. Available in black/blue. $140.
Nike FC Libero. One colour. $95.
Nike FC Libero. One colour. $95.
Nike FC Free Hypervenom 2. Available in black/grey. $130.


Ronaldinho’s Crossbar Challenge | NIKE

10 years gone after Ronaldinho broke the internet with the famous crossbar challenge promoting the golden Nike R10 Tiempos. Now, Nike and ‘Dinho have teamed up with each other to give young players the chance to win the new release of the Nike R10 Tiempos. Simple rules: 3 turns to hit the crossbar, whoever hits it the most wins. Easy.


Check out the boots below: