There are many things that inspire us to get up in the morning and play football, produce content and generally enjoy the life we have. Being alive is the biggest blessing we have, football the second which brings along admiration for many of us. Fuck the hate in the world, FOOTBALL IS LOVE.

Below is video which gives us a feel-good vibe and makes us appreciate life.

Sometimes you come across something spectacular on the internet and you’re blown away by inspiration whether it be a photo, video, music or writing. For us, the video above is something that inspired us to conjure up TCD. Luke came across this doing a Brazil 2014 merchandise project within his education and sat there wanting to become a freestyler, wanting to make football films, wanting to do something creatively wonderful. This video, alongside certain people (you know who you are), inspire us every day to carry on and try to create the best content we possibly can. There’s more and more coming from us, you just need to stay alert.